“Aloha Necklace” Project Packs

The “Aloha Necklace” is here to bring color and cheer!

Last year I introduced all of you to the “Aloha Necklace”, inspired by the gorgeous Czech glass Hawaiian flower and sun beads used at the centerpiece (scroll to the bottom for a photo of the Sunset sample!).

The original project packs that I had put together sold out quickly, however in the meantime many of the items used in the project packs are back in stock. Although I don’t have the project packs all pre-made as before, I can make them up on the fly. If there are any specific items not available at the moment, I can look for a close substitution. You can also come in and put together your own project pack for something completely original!

Project packs can be requested for shipping or made up for you while in store!

What is a project pack? It’s similar to a kit, however instead of just including little bags of every bead needed, you’ll receive full tubes and strands. This way you’ll have extras for your stash, or can easily swap out individual elements if need be.

Following are the colorways that were originally made available, to give you some ideas. Although every single item shown is not going to be in stock at any given moment, I’d be happy to make up project packs upon request with the shown items or a close substitution. An online request form is at the bottom of this page.

The following prices include a copy of the pattern and shipping, however ala-cart pricing will be used in the following cases: if you already own a copy of the pattern from a previous purchase, if you are shopping in-store instead of having your package shipped, or we make any item substitutions. Clasps are not included, but can be ordered separately.

Please complete the following to request your project pack: