Here to help you get all the items you need for your projects when you just can’t be here in person

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We also periodically do fun “project packs” on Facebook, so if you’re not already following us there, be sure to click here and check it out! You can also request a project pack for any project by emailing and we’ll see what we can put together for you. (What is a project pack? It’s like a kit, only it contains full tubes and strands of the beads you’ll be using in your project, so you’ll have extra for your stash! It’s just like when you come in to shop for your project in person.)

A note from Laura regarding interest in patterns

The “South Beach Bracelet” is now available on Etsy by clicking here!

I had to remove the patterns from my website for now, as people were expecting instant downloads and that wasn’t something my website is configured to do. I’m more than happy to take orders for any of my patterns that you’ve seen on Facebook though. I quickly created an Etsy listing for the popular “South Beach Bracelet” and you can use the link above for purchasing that particular one. Until I can get all my other patterns up on the Etsy site, if there is one that you are interested in, simply email and we’ll help you out. Please note that the shop is closed on Sundays & Mondays, so I may not respond to emails on those days. Thank you for your interest, as well as your patience and understanding!

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How this service works

Please read before placing your order

On this site you’ll be able to browse through many of the products that we carry regularly at the shop and start to fill up your cart. When you click “submit” your personal shopper here at the store will receive a detailed list of the items you are interested in and start to fill a basket for you.

If everything is in stock, we will email you an invoice that can be paid electronically to finalize your order. If there are any items that are out of stock we will contact you to find out if you would like something else substituted or give you an idea when the item is expected in.

You will NOT be paying at the time you submit your order since we are also a brick and mortar store and our inventory availability is changing constantly. We only collect payment once your items are pulled, reserved for you and ready to ship, for your convenience.

What this service is, and why we started it

We didn’t want anyone going into bead withdrawal over the summer! We just can’t tell you how many conversations we have with our snowbird beaders who say that they don’t have access to a bead shop near their northern home. We developed this site to give our beaders who cannot be here at the shop a way to receive the same quality of beads, great pricing, and most of all, personal service that they enjoy when they are here at the shop. Of course, this site is not just limited to our snowbirds, we are happy to provide this service to all beaders within the United States.

Contact us:

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