Here to help you get all the items you need for your projects when you just can’t be here in person

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How this service works

On this site you’ll be able to browse through many of the products that we carry regularly at the shop and start to fill up your cart. When you click “submit” your personal shopper here at the store will receive a detailed list of the items you are interested in and start to fill a basket for you. You will then be personally contacted and we can discuss with you what we have gathered. We can let you know if there are any out-of-stock items on your list and assist with suggestions for substitutions, as well as discuss any other questions or needs you might have. We will take your credit card number over the phone once your order is finalized so there is no worry about online security and ship your items via USPS Priority flat rate box.

What this service is, and why we started it

We didn’t want anyone going into bead withdrawal over the summer! We just can’t tell you how many conversations we have with our snowbird beaders who say that they don’t have access to a bead shop near their northern home. We developed this site to give our beaders who cannot be here at the shop a way to receive the same quality of beads, great pricing, and most of all, personal service that they enjoy when they are here at the shop. Of course, this site is not just limited to our snowbirds, we are happy to provide this new service to all beaders within the United States.

Not sure about a particular product or if it will work with your color scheme?

We recommend that you go ahead and put it in your cart so that your personal shopper will pull the item prior to contacting you, then you can discuss it with her and get another opinion before finalizing your order. You are not obligated to purchase every item that you put in your cart. If after your consultation with your personal shopper you determine something else would better suit your needs, we’ll take care of all that before we finalize your purchase and charge your card.

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